Creativity Challenges for Summer 2018

Hi there. It's June here in the city, and it means a couple of things. Mostly that it's hot, but also that the city opens up and becomes a living, breathing thing in a way that it just isn't in the winter. 

Summer also means that I don't have classes! I do have an internship at MSK that I'll be doing, buuuuut it's a different mindset. Because of that, I'm going to try and keep up my creative, design side by doing a summer challenge. That's right! I'm giving myself summer homework.

This came about during my studio this spring, when my professor noted a collaboration he did with Simon Ellison, another worker in a co-working space. This worker decided to make one thing everyday for a month. Talk about dedication. Below is one of my favorites. It's a bike lock but instead of keys or a combo, you have to solve a brain puzzle!

While I'm not going to do that (although maybe in the future?), I am aiming to do something new and creative each week. I've come up with a list of ideas and am posting them here to keep myself accountable. I won't do them all, but I'm aiming to do one a week for at least 2 months.  

My current ideas include:

  1. Make 3D model of something in SketchUp

  2. Make 2017 books read infographic

  3. Make 1 song! 3m

  4. Watercolor houses of cuba

  5. Light Art: make a lamp for a desk

  6. Midnight Stories - podcast of late night adventures

  7. Learn to algorave

  8. Photography: how to do colored lighting like this or this

  9. Circuits! Make a circuit plant for desk

  10. Hand letter 5 signs (1/day for a week!)

  11. Mural or graffiti (side note: I've always wanted to do this!)

  12. Write a short story

  13. Ceramics! ...I really just want to make a water pitcher.

I'll be posting the results here on the blog, so keep a look out!