Creative Challenge: Hand Lettering

So let's be clear: yes, I skipped week 1 because I started the taco map and didn't finish it. That'll come soon. 

In the meantime, for week 2 I've been working on trying to get back into teaching myself hand lettering. I forgot everything I had learned before and am sloppy as all hell, but it's been fun not looking at a computer screen so much. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.57.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.49.45 PM.png

That is, until I copied them into illustrator and made them fun colors.

You may be asking, "why lettering?" Well, I really hated those color in the lines books that adults became obsessed with a couple years ago and this was an alternative. No, mom, I'm not good at following the directions. Plus, I was always doodling and creating weird shapes and things, and this combines that plus writing quotes and things, which I did too much of in high school (#embarrassingfacts).  Lettering's become really big recently, and is kinda maybe too Pinteresty for me, but it gets me to stop rushing and to focus without me having to fight my brain to shut off... which is what happens when I try to meditate. 

TBH some of these I was too tired to edit in detail, so there are flaws, but this is what happens when you go out after work to meet friends and then try to be creative at 10PM. And this was less about being perfect and more about doing creative things anyways. I'm trying to reject perfection in pursuit of practice.

While doing this I was inspired by some people, namely: Lauren Hom, whose creative prompts I used; We Need to Talk, a side project about passive aggressive notes; and Olga Vasick, whose work is just so minimal my heart flutters.