Celebrating a Year of Aly Jump

On this day in 2017, it was the Oscars. I was in the front of a bar here in Brooklyn called Friends & Lovers and going on after two other dudes. I played some things, the bartender came over and asked what a song was. I definitely train wrecked at least once. Moonlight won a surprise victory and people streamed in, searching for shots. Someone quipped "YAS female DJ." It was the most fun I'd had in a long, long time. 

It's funny the simple moments that shift your life. While I'm not (not have I ever) been looking to be a world famous DJ, there's something about the mental shift that comes with doing something you never thought you would do. Of succumbing to something you've wanted for a long time. 

DJing was that thing for me.

First gig poster // by Nick Concklin

First gig poster // by Nick Concklin

I remember being young (like, watching Degrassi ft. Drake young), seeing contests to win DJ lessons, and wanting to enter so badly. I joined radio stations in the hopes of learning. Nothing ever seemed to pan out. 

I learned because I still wanted it in my 20s, and I paid to take lessons at Scratch. I only did one course (of 5 classes or so) because afterwards I had access to equipment; if I hadn't I'm not sure that I would have kept going, for monetary reasons or otherwise. I like to think I would have, but all I know is that it would have been an incomplete me if I wasn't DJing today. 

[Side note: this is why providing access to training and equipment for women and minorities is SO IMPORTANT. Go support a nonprofit like Powrplnt that offers this kinda stuff for cheap.]

So being able to say I've been DJing out for a year is a big deal to me. I've been so fortunate to have played with a bunch of friends at bars across the city. Are they big? Lol no. But for me, it doesn't matter. It's about doing something I love, about sharing my favorite songs, and maybe taking a little music corner for myself while not having to actually be in a spotlight. 

I'm so happy, and so so grateful for all of the people who have supported, cheered, taught, and pushed me along the way. Thank you.

It's been an amazing first year. <3

So happy birthday AJ, you're a gem.