The Gift of Print

A couple years ago, for a birthday or a holiday, my dad sent me a subscription to a vegan magazine. 

I'm not vegan (although I have participated in #veganuary), but my dad knows that I love to cook and find new veggie friendly recipes. Not only was it chock full of great content, but it was drop. dead. gorgeous. 

I mean, just look at it:

So while bored during a trip for work, I pitched them an idea. And then I promptly forgot about it. 

Fast forward a few months, and low and behold, they're interested in my pitch about me and my dad for their family issue. And it was set to come out in time for my dad's birthday. Talk about a perfect gift.  

So after months of writing, and stressing, and waiting, I finally got it in the mail. And it's lovely. And it was a really good gift to my dad. And I got paid. 

Here's a sneak peak:

So when these new people ask the inevitable vegetarian questions, it ultimately leads to what it’s like to be a chef’s daughter? And I respond with this:

I notice it when I’m peeling carrots, the strings running wet into the trash like a Halloween massacre. Notice it when I’m dicing an onion, cutting into it’s think bulb vertically before slicing the rings, watching the pieces fall into miniscule purple translucent rectangles just like he showed me. It’s when I’m sifting through a myriad of recipes online or in the heft of a good cookbook. It’s the first taste of something so good that the voices in your head silence and all you can do is feel, tasting. It’s in these moments that I am a chef’s daughter, that I’m home.

If you're interested in the rest you'll have to purchase a copy - only in digital because the print SOLD OUT! - as they don't post the content online for free. However, the digital is only $5, and you'll be supporting a struggling grad student. After a bit I might post it here, but until then...