Creative Challenge: DJ & Music

So this week I explored into teaching myself more skills in DJing, and worked on getting to know Ableton. 

With Nick gone for the weekend DJing a wedding, I didn't have my controller with me, and our right deck wasn't working because of a faulty needle. With only one turntable, I had to teach myself what is called "instant doubles," or when you have to have one of Serato's inputs set to internal so that it plays from your computer. Then when you're manipulating a song on one deck, you can swing it to the other and flip the script and start over. It's confusing if you don't know Serato, but it exists I swear.

I also taught myself how to add sound drops, so on my next radio show (shameless plug: 4th Mondays on Waxx FM at 6PM!) I can drop the Waxx name throughout my set. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.22.47 PM.png

In Ableton, I had worked with midis and trying to get going that way, but this time around I worked on using sample packs and editing those. What I came up with is a wretched first attempt, with many things needing editing. This is actually embarrassing so I'm not going to post it...

Finally, I made a new summer mix of some songs I've been digging. I hope to send this out to local bars and get more gigs before summer's end!