Reflections on Semester 1

All in all, I spent a lot of last semester asking questions. 

Was this the right idea? What does AI have to do with my degree? Will I make true friendships here? Will these classes help me in the future? Why didn't I go to Glasgow?

What the fuck was I thinking?

By that last question, you can assume that there was a bit of turmoil. Not only did we have a couple students leave within the first week, we also spent a lot of time discussing what TransD is and what is means. 

We still don't have the answer to that one. 

But what we did learn was systems thinking, and about emergence, and a lot about the next century of design wrapped up in a lot of technology. We bonded as a cohort; had Thanksgiving with fairy lights all around and went dancing at a shitty college bar. There were late nights and the construction of a really large dome. There was crying and laughing and challenging each other and our professors to be better, to grow. 

It wasn't the perfect semester by any means, but it might have been what we needed.