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Music, Art, and the Appeal of Gig Posters // femchord

When’s the last time you thought about a poster?

When researching artists for gig posters, the best of lists that circulate on the internet or Pinterest had one thing in common: they were made up mostly, if not completely, by men.

To combat that, femchord is presenting three artists who you might not find in lists of gig poster artists. The women we’ve highlighted below are at different stages in their careers and take different approaches—one illustrates for major bands, one collages for a zine, and one reflects her space in the club culture. They are the artists that transform sound to visuals, and entice us to the events around us.


The Chef that made me // chickpea magazine

So when these new people ask the inevitable vegetarian questions, it ultimately leads to what it’s like to be a chef’s daughter? And I respond with this:

I notice it when I’m peeling carrots, the strings running wet into the trash like a Halloween massacre. Notice it when I’m dicing an onion, cutting into it’s think bulb vertically before slicing the rings, watching the pieces fall into miniscule purple translucent rectangles just like he showed me. It’s when I’m sifting through a myriad of recipes online or in the heft of a good cookbook. It’s the first taste of something so good that the voices in your head silence and all you can do is feel, tasting. It’s in these moments that I am a chef’s daughter, that I’m home.


Winter Sounds: An Interview with Camwill // Thread magazine

It's starting to snow, gently, but the wind still rips down the Old North End street I'm standing on. Winter is finally settling into Vermont, but the subfreezing temperatures allow for the perfect setting to talk with the members of Cam Will about their first full length release.

Cameron Boyd, the head of Cam Will, opens the door to a typical ONE house and ushers me in off the porch. He's sporting the Burlington male go-to: a beard and a beanie. 

*Note, this magazine is no longer available online. To continue reading click the button but please know you will have to download & zoom.


14 signs you were born and raised in vermont // matador network

Mud season is its own season. They left this out of the 2nd-grade textbooks, but boy do you know it’s true.


5 tips & Tricks for travelling abroad on your period // helloflo.com

Everyone knows the signs: you have cramps, you feel bloated, you may cry unprovoked. And then there’s the inevitable sign in bright red: you’ve gotten your period.

When traveling, your period isn’t part of that dream trip.