Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) tasked me and two other graduate design students to research financial toxicity in cancer care to see it's prevalence at the hospital. Over a 2 month period, we delved deep into the topic, working with staff, patients, and medical teams to dig deep into the heart of this epidemic. We issued surveys; called up experts in healthcare, finance, and hospital management; and then talked with patients themselves at home and in the MSK food shelf. With all this data, we constructed what the patient journey is currently at MSK, and what it could be if MSK focused on the pain points for patients and staff, allowing MSK to fully see the importance of this topic. Below you’ll find behind the scenes work, as well as a few draft concept designs, but the main focus of this was the research so that the DIG team could use it to appeal to management to focus on this issue.

Role: Research Consultant || Tags: Design Research, Mapping, User Journey

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