Food Futures

What does the future of food look like? In order to find out, we enlisted the Corbin Hill Food Project to help us speculate on the idea during a tailored workshop. The team also included Yuxin Cheng, Jonas Voight, Megan Wiley, + Mariana Gonzalez Ruiz Velasco

Role: Co-designer, co-facilitator || Tags: Workshop design, facilitation

Workshop Design

Our brief was to create a workshop for an outside community organization to encourage and inspire community members’ voices and encourage them to think about their work on a larger, longer scale. We designed the workshop to encourage our participants to think outside the box. To do this, we found signals in the news of where the future of food might go and designed a tossing process for them to randomly pick them. We planned to use future wheels to get them to stretch their ideas, and then got them out of the office by creating dioramas depicting one of these options. Finally, as a close we designed post cards they could write from the future to their current selves, a reminder for their day to day to think big.


Partnering with Local Organization

We had the privilege to work with the Corbin Hill Food Project, a mixed model nonprofit / social enterprise that works to supply fresh, local food to those that need it most through its Farm Share and institutional programs. For them we developed an imaginary institute named “The Foodure Institute,” a play on "food" and "future" to mirror their focus and frame the workshop. 


Workshop Facilitation

The group visited Corbin Hill in their offices and ran an hour long workshop exploring the topics of food communities, technology, and agriculture in the future. We each took a turn facilitating a section. I facilitated the post card writing and reflection section to end the workshop.

*Video by Jonas Voight. Branding by Yuxin Cheng.